SearchLight HR believes in the philosophy of social inclusion. The guiding factors of the company include making impactful contribution towards uplifting the society as a whole. At SearchLight HR we believe in the spirit of sharing and as a part of our core philosophy, we make our monthly financial contributions to NGOs and support systems which is working full time towards creating a better society to live. 

SearchLight HR primarily contributes towards 2 key areas of the society -

  • Support Destitute Senior Citizens
    SearchLight HR is supporting an NGO - Sidhant Prathisthan which is actively working towards supporting destitute senior citizens. SearchLight HR actively contributes towards supporting such neglected senior citizens in Mumbai. At the moment we are supporting 25 citizens who are being fully sponsored by SearchLight HR through financial contributions on a monthly basis. We have intent to take this number to a substantially higher number such that our growth and social contributions are co-related at all times. http://www.siddhantpratishthan.org

  • Vocational Training for the Economically marginalized
    SearchLight HR conducts vocational training programs for students who are economically marginalized through its sister concern Edulight Learning Services pvt Ltd. Edulight conducts the training on behalf of SearchLight HR and SearchLight HR is actively engaged in finding suitable fresh jobs for these trained students. The costs incurred for such an activity is sponsored by SearchLight HR as a part of our CSR foray. www.edulight.co.in

We shall be going deeper in our commitment towards social upliftment in the coming days. Our objective is to be closely working on the above 2 domain areas and increase our social impact through more intense efforts in the years to come.


Corporate Office

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