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IT Recruitment Agency in Mumbai

SearchLight HR has wealth of experience in executing niche mandates in this vertical. Our specialization lies in our ability to interpret the technology and role given the background of the IT vertical team. Members who are IT specialists but have chosen recruitments as their career work on your positions. Our SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT interprets the role thus articulating key parameters to the execution team. IT has contributed substantially to our company revenues and hence we consider this as an anchor domain. SearchLight HR Design Principles allows us to work only on Exclusive Mandates and we do not engage our services for large IT companies. We believe that getting talented resources for an early stage / growing company are more difficult and there is a potential to build value around our services.

Flavor & fragrance recruitment firm

This is a niche segment that we specialize in. Very few recruitment houses can command the in depth knowledge and domain expertise in the flavors and fragrances ecosystem. This vertical caters to various Flavor & Fragrance houses constantly on the lookout for good talent to build on to their existing team. This is a highly challenging domain but our efforts over the last 3 years have yielded very good results for our clients and candidates. As an exception in this segment we work with large companies. Our client list consists of the biggest name in this space that we have been catering for the last couple of years. We specialize in Technical and functional positions within the flavors and fragrances ecosystem. As a natural corollary, end user FMCGs has also started approaching SearchLight for our services in this space. This is a niche segment and unlike other sectors is less competitive but much narrowed with long deal cycles. As is a practice we do not work on Non Exclusive Mandates.

FMCG Recruitment Agency

Indian economy is heading at a fast pace and the key driver of this economy is the CONSUMPTION STORY of our country. The global view about India revolves around this consumption story and every data point further corroborates this theory thus providing India an economic edge on the global platform. Within India’s consumption story the torch bearer has been the FMCG sector. This sector has been highly dynamic in its approach and in its execution strategy. However there is a serious talent crunch in this segment and with the same talent being largely churned amongst the leading organizations, the hunt for good resources is a constant challenge. SearchLight helps you overcome these challenges through our experience and market network to find you the best talent. 

FMCG commands one of the highest attrition rates and can be perhaps defined as one of the most sluggish segment in terms of new entrants. With opportunities galore and premium talent at short supply, it would need multiple hands for a company to absorb talent in a time bound manner. SearchLight has an experienced team dedicated to this segment and our clients in this space bears testimony to the endearing results that we have delivered for them in a timely manner. FMCG senior level positions involve longer closure cycles and SearchLight HR’ unique mapping strategy helps our clients get these talents on a time bound manner. Within this segment, SearchLight HR has closed good number of positions across levels for leading SMEs and large organizations.

Financial Services Recruitment Agency

As Indian economy leaps to the next level, the growth of the financial services is imperative and expectedly this growth shall be lead by 2 crucial attributes – People and Technology. Whilst large technology organizations are busy building wonderful IT platforms, SearchLight is actively working in the backend to provide human resources to growing financial services organizations in India and abroad. Within this spectrum, SearchLight has deep knowledge in technical and functional positions in the financial services ecosystem. In other words, this sector - is close to our heart and we are closely engaged with Financial Services as a domain.

Our array of specific strengths include getting Professional Entrepreneurs for start ups and early stage companies, finding senior talent from large organizations and laterally placing them in growing organizations, Fund managers, President, Board members, Research Analysts, Research Associates, Investment Bankers, Associate Directors to name a few. Our methodology involves aligning ourselves with the growth chart of the company and hence the relationship gets more strategic in the years to come. SearchLight has an experienced team who understands the financial services domain and the business of finance. During the journey of the last few years, we have made impactful contributions to financial services companies who form a large spectrum of brand ambassadors for our credentials in this space. 

Audit and Consulting Recruitment Services

INDIA inc is increasing stepping in active Corporate Governance. The growing stage of Indian economy, combined with need for higher transparency , statutory upkeep fetching a premium in valuations, closer monitoring by the departments, and increased use of technology, companies are increasing focusing on functions like Financial hygiene , Internal audits, timely submission of reports, Compliance committees , Timely filings with ROC, IT departments , Timely AGMs, communication with shareholders, timely disbursements.

SEARCHLIGHT HR is playing an active role in being an enabler of such a new transition happening at a rapid pace. At SearchLight we pride ourselves to be an active player in the space of Audit, Compliance and Consulting ecosystem. These are largely technical positions and our experience of interpreting the job role and understanding the functional depth of these roles help us execute these mandates at a faster speed. SearchLight has the experience of having delivered mandates in the Audit and consulting space for senior level positions. Our internal scanning process helps us provide limited but highly relevant choice to our clients in this domain. We cater to start ups and early growth stage companies notwithstanding that we have engaged with some of the biggest names in this space.

If you are a part of consulting company and In the event of you seeking manpower in this domain, please feel free to reach us at


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