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Searchlight Differentiators

SearchLight believes in working with growing companies who are harnessing their dreams to be large corporations in the times to come. We understand the concerns that growing organizations face in terms of attracting rich talent who may always be looking at moving to a bigger organization. SearchLight’s focused strategy is to be an extra arm to our clients HR team and assist them in finding such talent who would help their corporations reach the next level. Our SWEETSPOT is to provide senior resources to growing companies. Our value lies in not only identifying the right resource but articulating the right value proposition of our client and helping them see the 3rd dimension which are most times overlooked.

Senior Talent

SearchLight is focused only on serving senior mandates. We make exceptions for clients who work exclusively with us for positions. One of our unique qualities for growing SMEs is our ability to attract senior talent from large organisations and help them obtain a position in our clients ecosystem. In addition, we also specialize in sourcing Professional Entrepreneurs / Working Partners for our clients. Entrepreneurship is gaining traction in the marketplace and we have the experience of interacting with senior professionals in different sectors who have unexhibited /unspoken aspiration of being an entrepreneur. The fear of failure or the apprehension of moving out of their comfort zone creates impediments for such professionals to take their leap of faith. Our intention is to help such professionals provide the right platform. Conversely growing and early stage organizations do not have fat wallets to dish out fixed salaries to supreme talent. Our clients are happy to engage professional entrepreneurs who form the core of their management, leverage the platform, and create wealth for all stakeholders to cherish in future. This is a unique service being provided by SearchLight to some of our SME clients.


At SearchLight our team commands high level of educational qualification backed by relevant work experience. As a strategy we offer our services only on domains where we have intellectual capital to be deployed. Our team engages with our clients and provides them meaningful sectorial feedback, trends and advisories thus updating our clients on the latest developments in the recruitment space for the specific industry. Additionally our team engages with our clients to understand the P&L impact of role, growth factors associated with the particular role, financial impact for the company, strategic insights as may be required and various other factors. It has been a conscious effort on our part to weave a layer of consulting practice in to the overall recruitment practice thus making the conversation and engagement more exciting and value added. Our intellectual capital and sectorial experience on the domain sets us apart from a traditional recruitment company.

Since we are focused on early stage organizations, our engagement models are capable to stretch itself to strategic levels. In certain unique cases, SearchLight is wiling to be compensated for its services in the form of a combination of money and equity of the company conversely we shall be fine with a pure payout model as well. More often than not, we have originated with pure payout and graduated to an equity based model however it is practiced in the event of both parties being desirous of exploring the benefits with such an arrangement.


In the true sense of Partnership, SearchLight is engaged with the client in its growth stage and also during an unforeseen down turn. Any client that works exclusively with SearchLight has Price elasticity as a key feature. Under this feature, SearchLight is bound to support the client should the organization be going through a lean patch. Our consultants shall be best equipped to articulate this proposition. This is a unique feature introduced by SearchLight to the recruitment paradigm.


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