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Company Profile

SearchLight HR was incorporated in 2010 with a vision to bring impactful changes in the way recruitment practices have been conducted thus far. At SearchLight we believe that the recruitment landscape have gone through a dramatic change however the operating practices have been age old. Notwithstanding the increase in business challenges, engagement models and talent pool has not undergone a proportional change. SearchLight was born to steer the market practices in a different direction, a path that we believe is based on the principles of fairness , equity and performance.

We believe our methods are different from normal market practices and we trust ourselves to deliver commitments. We do not promise results instead we walk with you through the journey as a partner with an undying spirit of partnership. Over the last few years, we have made an impact in the lives of quite a few professionals whom we guided to a new job and in the process helped our client companies to absorb some of the best talent in the marketplace.

Why Searchlight HR?

Retaining top rated executive search firms to find proficient senior level resources for your organization is vital to your timely and cost effective talent onboarding plans.. We at SearchLight, Our Consultancy offer a research driven and effective recruitment service to our clients.. Efficiently utilizing modern recruitment methods and deploying technology tools will redefine the search process that exists today. Candidates being sourced through such recruitment process results in lucrative outcomes for the companies. SearchLight is amongst one of the leading and reputed Executive HR Search Firms in Mumbai and we assure our clients to provide the best consulting and recruitment services. We find the most suitable employees to suit the specific requirements of the company in a timely and budget friendly manner. As a top executive search firm we provide you executive search services for various domains In Mumbai and other top cities in India

Incorporated in 2010
5+ years of successful client engagement
Low client and Team attrition
48% CAGR over last 5+years
Above 65% of revenue from existing clients
Focussed on few key sectors

Supervisory and advisory board

  • Jeetendra Nair
  • Mr K C Sashidhar
  • Sunanda Rajendran
  • Kamal Malhotra
  • Mahesh Menon

Leadership team

  • Michelle Monteiro - Chief Business Officer
  • Bindu Nair – Chief Delivery officer


Corporate Office

Searchlight HR Services Pvt Ltd 312,Orion Business Park, G. B. Road, Thane (W), Mumbai 400607 India