Interviewing – An Art or Science??

The term “interview” is regarded as a conversation held between two or more people where the interviewer asks different questions which are responded by the interviewee. Interviewing is a science entailing proper process, precise methods along with the consistency to produce truly accurate and effective results. But it's also an art, and it calls for insight as well as creativity.

Have you ever made a poor hire within your team?

Or do you have problems to accurately probe the candidate’s experience and capabilities?

If your answer to the above questions is YES, then the solution to all your recruitment worries is getting in touch with Searchlight HR Services Pvt Ltd.

At Searchlight we aim to search the best talent for your organization on time. Our team of experts is well qualified and trained to perform this task. Initially we identify the potential candidates from our database and then a round of interview is conducted where both the skills and the personality of the candidate in relation to the job is assessed by asking relevant questions.

Our experience in this industry has made us realize that ‘Effective Interviewing’ is an art form that takes years of practice followed by the proper methods and process. We believe that ‘Behavioral’ or ‘Competency’ based interviewing is an extremely proficient approach to take. We try to put forward simple yet powerful questions which allow a candidate to give in-depth information about their work experience that qualifies them for the open position.

The staffing industry is gearing up for the changes by increasing strategic alliances & global partnering to make sure to reach out to the best candidates worldwide. So don’t wait until it’s too late…step ahead and join the revolution to experience the hiring happiness!!

Remember a poor hire can destroy not only a team but a business as well.


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